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About SportingGoodsQuotes.com

SportingGoodsQuotes.com is the premier online marketplace that connects sports equipment and apparel buyers with a comprehensive team of local and national suppliers. Buyers create a request for quote by using our fast, convenient, and easy to use RFQ format. The RFQs are automatically matched to our team of qualified suppliers that specialize in the products that buyers are looking for. With SportingGoodsquotes.com, the process of buying and selling sporting goods has never been easier or more efficient!

Our goal at SportingGoodsquotes.com is to provide both buyers and suppliers the tools and resources to achieve a mutually beneficial partnership in the Sporting Goods, Athletic Footwear and Apparel Marketplace.

Types of customers that benefit from sourcing through SportingGoodsQuotes.com

  • College Athletic Coaches and Athletic Directors
  • High School Athletic Coaches and Athletic Directors
  • Middle School and Elementary School Administrators
  • Independent Team Leagues and Coaches (non-school programs)
  • Booster Clubs
  • Athletic Associations
  • Parks and Recreation Sports programs and Athletic Leagues (city and state)
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Equipment Managers
  • Strength Coaches
  • PE Directors and Instructors
  • Individual Participants

Anyone with the need for sports equipment, athletic footwear and apparel

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